Ooyala SDK turns Apple Watch into a TV remote

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 03 April 2015

Ooyala is enabling developers to turn the upcoming Apple Watch into a TV remote.

Ooyala customers can use the company's iOS SDK to enable iOS playback controls via Apple Watch. And because iOS video can be streamed to the biggest screen in the house via Apple TV, the feature can be marketed as a way to ditch the remote control.

"With the Apple TV launch expected later this year, a lean-back TV experience controlled by the convenience of your new Apple Watch makes sense for the Apple devoted," Ooyala noted. "The TV remote is morphing into far more things than the iconic rectangular, rubber-buttoned device we're all so used to."

To wit: Samsung TVs let you gesture with your hands, voice commands are available on Xbox One and Chromecast users can use an Android smartphone for Wii-like functionality.

"This is all indicative of the continued evolution of TV as we know it, with our devices and the services we use becoming more flexible, more accessible, and far more personal," Ooyala said. "There's no one perfect TV package out there just yet, but at least we have a wide variety of remotes, now including Apple Watch."