Popcornflix adds Lifetime morning shows to streaming mix

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 03 April 2015

Popcornflix has added five popular morning shows to its streaming service via a partnership with O2 Media.

The programming has been airing on the Lifetime cable network and marks the streaming service's first foray into the lifestyle genre.

"As the Popcornflix audience grows, it is crucial to keep expanding our library with new genres and fresh content," said David Fannon, EVP at Popcornflix. "These shows represent our commitment to give our users a diverse and exciting viewing experience. We are proud to make O2 Media's popular morning shows available for free streaming anywhere from your phone, to your computer, to your TV."

The programming includes the Balancing Act, devoted to working mothers and other busy women, along with shows that touch on everything from DIY home improvement (Designing Spaces), to fitness and positivity (Mission Makeover), to culinary competitions featuring dishes anyone can make at home (All Mixed Up).

Popcornflix is also hosting the video-on-demand (VOD) premiere of Access Health, a programme which had its Lifetime premiere last autumn. It tackles a variety of health issues from the perspectives of medicine, nutrition and fitness.

"Our mission at O2 Media is to provide solution-based brand content in an exciting, entertaining and enriching format for today's woman and our brand partners," said new O2 CEO Pat Patregnani. "This merger of brand content entertainment with Popcornflix is just the beginning of our expansion at O2 Media and a great beginning at that."