iStreamPlanet taps Zixi for IP video contribution

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 03 April 2015

iStreamPlanet has chosen Zixi as the platform for IP video contribution for the Aventus live video encoding and multiscreen packaging service.

iStreamZixi's live video transport software provides ingest over unmanaged Internet connections, offering an IP-based alternative to traditional backhaul methods like satellite and fibre. iStreamPlanet will be enabling Zixi contribution over IP to Aventus starting this quarter.

"Content acquisition is the critical first step in the live video workflow, yet it remains a challenge for many of our customers who may not be able to use traditional content acquisition options due to cost or availability," said Jennifer Baisch, vice president of marketing for iStreamPlanet. "Integrating with Zixi, we are able to help solve those challenges with a cost-effective acquisition solution that enables our live event and live linear customers to send content to Aventus from practically any corner of the globe."

Zixi transport uses proprietary forward error correction (FEC) and automatic repeat request (ARQ) technologies.

"Leveraging Zixi for contribution to iStreamPlanet's Aventus platform simplifies live video ingest for content producers who want to leverage the Aventus cloud platform for processing and delivery," said Ray Thomson, vice president of marketing for Zixi. "With Zixi, customers can contribute over IP from anywhere to iStreamPlanet's Aventus platform, leveraging Zixi's protected transport stream for reliable, secure, high quality contribution - helping iStreamPlanet deliver a powerful end-to-end live, multiscreen solution."