BroadbandTV inks partnership with YouTube analytics platform

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 03 April 2015

Tapping into a growing trend, media and technology company BroadbandTV (BBTV) has signed an exclusive partnership with YouTube analytics platform Social Blade.

social bladeUnder the terms of the deal, the social media network of YouTube creators will now be powered by BBTV which claims to be the most advanced and technology driven multi-channel network (MCN).

Social Blade updates its analytics hourly, to everyone, free, and boasts a 'unique' ability to provide granular information on specific channels, such as: territory, subscribers and other detailed information. "The MCN and broader digital content market develops at a rapid pace, opening up massive opportunities for players across the board," commented Jason Urgo, founder & CEO, Social Blade. "Access to timely data, and the best technology allows parties on all sides of the industry to make informed decisions. It's an exciting partnership that has the opportunity to positively develop the wider market."

BBTV currently achieves four billion monthly impressions across its network that has over 32,000 creators across a number of brands including YouTube gaming network TGN, hip-hop music network Opposition and and Popular female lifestyle brand, Kandesa. "This partnership is particularly exciting because it is relevant to the whole online video community, from creators, to brands and even investors," added Shahrzad Rafati, founder & CEO, BroadbandTV. "We're combining our expertise in video optimisation and engagement, and joining forces with the largest open analytics player to provide even greater solutions. Together, we will further develop tools that solve real problems for the online video industry."