Clyfer completes co-op cable TV launch

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 06 April 2015

Argentina's co-operative Clyfer has completed the launch of its cable TV platform, premiered almost a year ago, and will extend the service to the whole of Rojas city, where it is now is available on a triple-play package.

The Argentinean company has been already offering telephony and Internet services for some years, and has lately been after the TV launch to complete the triple-play package. The signal is delivered through Clyfer's fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network and has a basic package of 80 different channels. The service aims to become a solid alternative to the country's larger telcos and pay-TV operators, "allowing the community to speak", in words of Miguel Pedecasas, who was in charge of the cable TV deployment.

The service, which was launched in May 2014 but has been only available in a few areas of the city, has so far reached 300 subs, although the service is expected to rocket now, as it's available for a wider audience, according to what explained by Omar Frontera, Clyfer manager.

Together with Clyfer's co-op TV, the city of Rojas is to see the premiere of a new channel to promote local content. According to Frontera, the network's facilities are being built and it will be ready to air six months later the broadcasting license is awarded.