Viloud is a new platform to create a fully customised TV channel with the ability to add content from YouTube, Vimeo or direct link.

Developers can choose the third-party content they like from these platforms to include in the channel.

“Create your own iOS, Android or Smart TV application to display your content worldwide. Viloud is ready to upload your app at the best Smart TV manufacturers like LG, Sony, Sharp, Loewe and many others,” the Spanish company said in a statement.

“Embed your channels on your website or blog and share the videos included with its own URL, generate traffic to your website and increase visualisations on your YouTube and Vimeo profile. The player is designed to run on all platforms: Web, Android, iOS and Smart TV’s.

“Viloud greatly simplifies the distribution of online video. Use this powerful tool to manage all your videos, create playlists and choose your own logo or fly. Viloud functions are aimed to simplifying the workflow to add video to your channel for your website or blog. It is also fully responsive and ready to edit your channels from any device.”