Envivio launches Guru network management

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 08 April 2015

Envivio has announced its Guru Network Management System for monitoring, control and fail-over to manage video operations.

Guru is a collection of functions. It has a market reference platform designed for Envivio next-generation IP and convergent video headends that has been integrated with more than 500 devices and drivers; but it also offers customisable alarm management functions, and redundant workflow management using a northbound interface and N+M redundancy failover features. It incorporates service-oriented monitoring for troubleshooting on cable, IPTV, satellite and over-the-top (OTT) networks, and has a scheduled service control application for video distributors, used for adding logos, and scheduling blackouts and recordings.

"Our new service, device and application monitoring, along with redundant workflow management, intuitive graphical user interface, automatic reports and unique platform features together comprise one of the most advanced network management systems available today," said Boris Felts, Envivio vice president of products and solutions. "Video service providers are in good hands with Envivio Guru."