New operators drive surging Paraguay pay-TV sector

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 09 April 2015

In a country in which there are more homes with a mobile phone (95%) than a fridge (93%), pay-TV is finding a place among families' priorities in Paraguay, with 44% subscribing to a premium TV service.

Fresh services from operators like Claro and Tigo have driven pay-TV from 18% penetration in 2010 to 44% by the end of 2014, according to a report - Encuesta Permanente de Hogares - from the Dirección General de Estadística, Encuestas y Censos (DGEEC).

The report also highlights an unequal situation between the larger cities and the countryside, as urban areas register 53.4% pay-TV penetration while rural zones have just 29.7%.

Paraguay's pay-TV market has changed markedly during recent years, since America Movil's Claro entered the country in 2011, increasing competition. Following this, Telecom's Personal and Millicom's Tigo came along to change the environment for existing players, such as the national telco Copaco which has announced that it will reinforce its IPTV service following its first positive results since 2011.

According to the DGEEC figures, mobile phones are the most common telecom device, with 95.2% of homes having at least one connection, followed by televisions with 92%