DASH Industry Forum launches OTT framework

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 09 April 2015

The DASH Industry Forum (DASH-IF) has announced the publication of version 3.0 of its Interoperability Implementation Guidelines.

The group, devoted to the adoption of DASH as the new standard for over-the-top (OTT) adaptive bit rate (ABR) delivery of media, said that the guidelines include interoperability points for enhanced live, on-demand and time-shifted video streaming using AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265 codecs. The guidelines support default HE-AAC and optional multichannel audio codecs, SMPTE-TT and CEA-608/708 closed caption formats, as well as common encryption (CENC) to support various digital rights management (DRM) systems.

"The over-the-top streaming industry has been deploying DASH delivery very rapidly," said Iraj Sodagar, chairman of DASH-IF. "With the publication of our V. 3.0 interoperability guidelines, the industry now can build even more enhanced live and advanced ad insertion streaming services and applications using the latest DASH technologies and advanced codecs."

Based on the second edition of the ISO/IEC 23009-1 (MPEG-DASH) standard, and incorporating enhanced live and ad insertion features, these guidelines enable deployment of live services and dynamic ad insertion with a single set of technologies. The group said that this means that a common DASH client implementation can be used to receive content for various streaming use cases and applications, enabling service and content providers to reach more DASH clients with the same set of publishing guidelines.

"The latest release of the guidelines addresses two of the most challenging aspects of any media delivery solution live services and ad insertion and further extends the format in the areas of video and audio codecs, content protection and captioning," added Will Law, vice chairman of DASH-IF.