The number of TV sets sold in Western Europe has increased by 3.2% to more than 34 million sets in 2014 (2013: 33 million sets).

The turnover volume rose by 0.2% to 16.3 billion, German industry association gfu reports with reference to GfK figures. The TV market, thus, is developing positively again following the turnover decline in 2013.

The average price of TV sets sold in 2014 dropped by 3% to 477. Despite a decline by 4.8%, the average price has been the highest in Germany with 556. The reason: German consumers prefer large screen sizes and devices with lots of features, according to gfu.

The share of smart TV models grew particularly strong: In 2014, more than 15 million smart TV sets were sold. This corresponds with an increase by 18.5%. The associated turnover amounted to more than 11.2 billion, an increase by 10.2%.

In Germany, 57% of the TV sets sold were smart TV models while across all Western European countries, the share only amounted to 44%.

The figures refer to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden.