New DirecTV satellite to deliver advanced services to 20MN subs

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 10 April 2015

Just a few months after launching DirecTV 14, the 12th DirecTV-owned satellite built to strengthen 4K services, the US broadcaster is ready to launch a new satellite to deliver advanced TV services to more than 20 million customers in the US and Latin America.

directv15According to Arianespace, the company in charge of the launch, the satellite is now in French Guiana, ready to be launched in May.

The DirecTV 15 satellite was delivered to the space centre last week aboard a chartered Antonov An-124 cargo jetliner. Protected in a 14-metre-long shipping container, the broadcast relay satellite was unloaded and transferred by road to the space centre, where it now is being readied for pre-launch checks in the S5 payload preparation facility.

The DirecTV 15 satellite, which will be one of two passengers for an Arianespace heavy-lift mission in May, was built by Airbus Defence and Space and will have a lift-off mass of approximately 6,200kg.

DirecTV also expects to start fully operating the Ultra HD satellite launched in December before the end of Q2 2015, thus adding extra capacity for the delivery of 4K programming across the US, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.