Piksel launches Voyage for travel industry content monetisation

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 10 April 2015

Piksel has launched Piksel Voyage, for travel and transit entertainment for air, rail, bus and ferry transportation.

Piksel Voyage allows transport providers to make video content viewable on customers' personal devices. Passengers can select and download video content for their journey ahead of departure, from the point they purchase their ticket. Travellers' chosen entertainment will then become available to view on their personal devices once their journey begins, and no longer viewable once the journey has ended, to respect industry licensing agreements.

"The global travel industry has relied on hardware such as on-board and in-flight screens for many years, however this costly and operationally restrictive model no longer makes sense in today's wireless world," said Ralf Tillmann, chief strategy officer at Piksel. "By leveraging the advantages of Internet streaming and embracing the popularity of mobile viewing, Piksel Voyage brings the travel industry into a more profitable and flexible era. Our new offering not only provides a solution which addresses an unsustainable business model but one that fits with consumer preferences towards using their own devices."