BBC CTO Matthew Postgate says the BBC will increasingly use the internet in the production of programmes and services.

In a blog post following the reorganisation of the BBC’s technical divisions – the department is now known as BBC Engineering – Postgate explained that the internet opens the door to technologies such as Ultra HD or Virtual Reality.

“I’m not saying these technologies will take off overnight, or that they’ll take off at all for that matter, and traditional broadcast technology will continue to be critically important for many years,” said Postgate, who was appointed to the post last year.

“We are also taking a much bigger focus on user experience and design for all the tools and software in our studios – a lesson from the consumer world that makes complete sense behind the scenes too. Ultimately, this will enable us to better work with our programme makers and make it easier for them to get the most out of new technology.”

BBC Technology has been renamed BBC Engineering while BBC Future Media us now BBC Digital.