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    Talking Suggest

    I hope some one put list of alternative software and keys for the different reciever and but it in individual section .
    i think that is better than asking the same qustion for 1000 times.
    And put an section for old version of receiver.
    and i hope there is forum in English in the main page (english not my mother langauge)
    and some1 tell us Y we can't open some channal on nilesat is it to hard to the expert here or what ?? is it will be "dream" to open some encrypted channel there
    i wish some one interested in subject and i will wait replay

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    Embarrassment Mission Impossible ACC sdvb9800 + CITIZEN 9000 ultra Software, loader needed

    Hi every body .... i look for software and loader for ACC sdvb9800 in recievers sections (a-z) and i find nothing . I hope some1 know if there is any software for it .
    and also i have Citizen reciever 9000 ultra i have nothing for it or in other word nothing fit on it i hope some one help

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