NAB 2015: Ooyala presents online video IQ test

DetailsEditor | 11 April 2015

Premium video publishing, analytics and monetisation firm Ooyala has launched what it claims is the first analytics platform to provide a full view of video performance and audience behaviour.

The new version of Ooyala's analytics engine is claimed to be able to maximise video monetisation across all screens through real-time, actionable. In addition it is said to offer insights helping providers better understand and target audiences, based on actual usage patterns.

Ooyala IQ is said to have been designed for a world where video is distributed and consumed across a wide variety of devices. The company adds that it is adapting to a new business environment that requires much more device-specific, content-specific and ad-specific data and insights in order to run a media business efficiently and profitably. Ooyala claims that IQ meets these needs with no configuration or custom development, delivering a new level of predictive insights on optimal advertising, content publishing and distribution strategies.

"As TV continues to migrate across devices, delivery and monetisation must be integrated deeply with real-time analytics. Regardless of the revenue model, business and programming decisions can now be informed by new kinds of big data analyses," said Ooyala Chief Executive Officer Jay Fulcher. "Ooyala has re-imagined how video and TV analytics are collected, stored, managed and accessed, providing an unprecedented level of visibility so our customers can optimise how they run and monetise their business."