i bought an eveo-xfinity, and looking for newcamd to add, my isp is vm, also i was wondering if im on vm can i use anything else that i see in the list:

mycamd (xcamd) off
mymore (morecam) off
mycccam (cccam) off

also if i do a scan and set region to uk-Ex-CW which i think is the right one, it does come up with channels but most will not play, seems to be scrammbled but gets free stuff, ie bbc ect

i know i have to add maybe a newcamd and via CAS using the ip ending in 8888 via the browser then save and then switch it on via server list.i did do this with a test newcamd but think it was not working as it just picked up what i already had before.

its burning my head out a little so any help would be much appreciated..

oh for scan settings i choose

preset scan

cable tv

united kingdom


then manchester 2