NAB 2015: V-Nova, Hitachi enable 4K streaming over 2K, DSL

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 13 April 2015

Video compression specialist V-Nova is partnering with Hitachi Data Systems on a live Ultra HD delivery effort that the companies say reduces bandwidth need by more than 50% compared with those promised by HEVC.

To be demonstrated at NAB 2015, the acquisition and delivery solution combines the latest Hitachi Kokusai 4K camera (SK-UHD4000), Hitachi Data Systems servers and the recently launched PERSEUS video compression technology from V-Nova.

The companies say that the video compression breakthrough can deliver Ultra HD movies using 6-7Mbps, and 10-13Mbps for UHD p60 sports which means that 4K could be provided over ADSL copper links, as well as satellite and cable delivery.

Outside of Ultra HD, the system can also higher quality video to consumers over 4G, 3G and even 2G networks, the companies said. The ability to distribute quality video over 2G networks means people in emerging markets will be able to receive over-the-top (OTT) video for the first time.

"Together with V-Nova we are shifting the paradigm for UHD contribution and distribution with a robust, fully integrated solution that reduces bandwidth, increases workflow efficiency and redefines UHD business models," said Shane Archiquette, global CTO for communications, media and entertainment at Hitachi Data Systems.

The Hitachi system is used to generate streams for OTT delivery to connected devices, such as smart phones and tablets, providing live encoding and delivery of the same feed.

"As V-Nova's global fulfilment partner for enterprise-grade broadcasting servers, we are impressed by the robustness of the PERSEUS solution and the key role it plays in broadcasting, social innovation and cloud services," said Kevin Eggleston, SVP of social innovation and global Industries at Hitachi Data Systems.