The Department of Time tops sales

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13 April 2015

Spain's public broadcaster RTVE couldn't have wished for a better advert for its latest series The Department of Time just before MIPTV, with the production topping film and series sales on

Over the weekend, The Department of Time was the most sold Blu-ray and TV series, topping' most-sold ranking in front of Game of Thrones and True Detective.

The Department of Time will lead RTVE's catalogue at MIPTV, the 52nd edition of which kicks off today in Cannes.

In each episode of the series a special patrol unit travels back in time to a specific period in history to prevent the past from changing.

RTVE is also taking the Acacias 38 - a soap opera-like series which has just premiered in Spain - to MIPTV, as well as specific productions of its international network and its 24/7 news channel.

RTVE's marketing team in Cannes will be headed by Rafael Bardem, head of programme sales, and María Jesús Pérez, head of channels' sales.