Half of Chileans have pay-TV

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13 April 2015

Demonstrating a great pace of growth during 2014, official figures confirm that pay-TV has found a home in Chile, where over one in two homes have a pay-TV subscription.

According to figures published by Subtel, pay-TV reached a 52.1% penetration in Chile by December 2014, after growing over 10% since January 2014, meaning over 2.8 million homes and eight million Chileans are subscribing a pay-TV platform.

2014 was also the year for direct-to-home (DTH) to take the lead, with satellite currently representing 51.1% of all subscriptions. Among operators, VTR is clearly leading the market with a 35.9% slice of the pie, followed by Movistar TV (21.1%), and Claro and DirecTV, both with 16.4%.

In a report published by Dataxis in January, Chile was cited as the fastest growing pay-TV industry among Latin America's seven largest markets, which also include Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.

Subtel also highlighted the fact that Internet connections have increased from 49.1% in 2013 to 64.1 at the end of 2014, mostly due to the growth of mobile accesses, meaning 11.5 million Chileans regularly access the Internet.