NAB 2015: Anvato announces cloud DVR capabilities for TV everywhere

DetailsEditor | 14 April 2015

Aiming to provide a fully integrated, pure software cloud recording and storage solution for TV everywhere, Anvato has launched Anvato Cloud DVR.

The new solution is designed to enable television broadcasters, networks and service providers to give viewers access to virtually any television content on any device with the tap of a finger, with a similar experience to the traditional living room with a set-top-based digital online video recorder. Any or all of the channels available from a broadcast network or service provider can be accessed via the product's TV everywhere application interface. The user interaction is coupled with the existing Anvato Media Content Platform (MCP), preparing the content on behalf of the broadcaster or service provider, with all the relevant metadata and dynamic ad insertion (DAI) functions required.

"Anvato Cloud DVR takes the familiar living room DVR experience and puts it in the user's hands on their tablet or smartphone. Users can scroll back in their TV guide, and watch shows that they have missed right from the guide Interface. The difference is that the DVR is in the cloud and the viewer doesn't need to remember to schedule a recording of their favourite show," explained Anvato CEO Alper Turgut."The lines between live and video-on-demand (VOD) are blurring as TV everywhere customers want to watch their content anywhere, anytime."