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Thread: Vu+ Player HD for Android

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    Vu+ Player HD for Android


    Vu+ Player is an Android app designed to allow you to control and stream from your Vu+ satellite receivers, either from the same network as the receiver, or from a remote location.

    Basis System Requirements
    - Android version 3.2 or better. (ver 4.0 over recommended)
    - Android mobile or tablet device. (tablet recommended)
    - Stable 802.11g/n Wi-Fi connection between both Vu+ Set Top Box and Android device. (802.11n strongly recommended)


    - Live TV streaming directly from your all Vu+ set top box
    - Transcoding support (for Vu+ Solo2, Vu+ Duo2 and Vu+ SoloSE)
    - Play recorded files directly from your Vu+ set top box(duo2, solo2)(HD channels supported)
    - Most video formats are supported (AVI, MKV, MP4, TS, etc.)
    - Fast & Easy set-up process
    - Automatic configuration detecting connected Vu+ devices
    - Capture screenshots from live TV
    - Bouquets editor supported
    - Multi-tuners are supported (meaning one channel on your TV and another different channel on your android device at the same time.)
    - Intuitive UI
    - Remote control supported
    - Manage timers (add, edit, delete) either from EPG or manually.
    - Zapping mode or No zapping mode provided
    - Satellite signal info provided (SNR, AGC, BER)
    - Supports streaming service for configuration port
    - User authentication
    - EPG information provided
    - Detailed list up of your set top box
    - Applications information provided
    - Channel list provided (Favourite group or All channle)

    In case of HD content streaming, video quality is influenced by mobile device specifications and wireless network Environment

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