MIPTV 2015 – CANNES. The Dutch Brava Media group is launching its Festival 4K channel, claiming it to be the first Ultra HD channel in the world.

The new channel will bring festivals, concerts and theater productions in native 4k/8K quality, with programming ranging from pop, rock, jazz, dance, musicals, to modern circus, and opera.

Festival 4K is now available for TV distributors around the world. The initiators of the new station are media entrepreneurs Jur Bron and Gerard Ardesch and their companions Rob Overman and Robert Rutten of the Dutch Brava Group.

“The incredible sharpness and superb audio quality (Dolby 5.1) of Festival 4K will give the viewer the feeling of standing in front of the stage at a festival, while sitting at home in his easy chair,” said Jur Bron.

Bron and Ardesch earlier launched the music channels as Brava, DJAZZ.tv TV Orange and SchlagerTV.

4K festival is the first television channel in the world that broadcasts nonstop in native 4K (Ultra HD) picture quality and Dolby Digital audio.

4K festival brings only productions on screen in native 4K-8K, with superior picture quality at least 4320 horizontal and 2160 vertical pixels. The station is currently offered with a program in blocks of six hours. In 2016 this will be extended to loops of twelve hours. From 2017 Festival 4K provides a unique 24-hour programming in Ultra HD.

Festival 4K is editorially supported by Music Media & More in Almere. The technical support is provided from the Overijssel Steenwijk by the company Basmedia.