Sky Store is rolling out its Buy & Keep service to everyone in the UK & Ireland, regardless of whether or not they have a Sky subscription.

It’s an extension of the premise introduced a year ago, where customers can get a movie straight to their TV, stream or download it to their mobile, tablet and laptop and receive the DVD direct to their home a few days later.

Nicola-BamfordIn addition to the Sky HD box, it is also possible to access the service via a NOW TV box, Roku or YouView box. Customers in Ireland can watch via a Roku box.

“Our thinking was simple. We knew that DVDs are a major part of a home entertainment market worth around £1.6 billon in the UK, and that 50% of sales are to Sky customers. So we knew Sky customers loved owning movies and TV content but what’s exciting is that we are growing this ownership market,” said Nicola Bamford, Director of Sky Store. “A third of customers who bought The Wolf of Wall Street hadn’t bought a DVD in the last 12 months. A quarter of customers who bought the Lego Movie hadn’t even rented or bought a movie in the previous year.”

A ‘follow me’ function allows Sky Store customers to start watching a movie on one of their registered devices, pause and then resume watching it on another registered device so long as they are connected to the internet. You can register up to four devices and any movie can be streamed to two devices simultaneously.

On Android devices, customers will be able to browse, watch and buy while on iOS devices the Sky Store Player App will enable them to browse and watch movies they have bought previously via their TV or on

Sky Store Buy & Keep was launched in April; its planned to expand to include TV and movie boxsets.