2.26 million TV households in Austria (64% of all TV households) received HD channels at the end of 2014 – an increase by around 16% within 12 months.

The driving force is DTH satellite television via Astra (19.2° East): 1.48 million DTH households – corresponding with 72% – receive HD channels. 0.64 million HD households have a cable TV subscription and 0.14 million have opted for IPTV.

These are the results of the Astra TV Monitor 2014 which market research institute GfK Astra has compiled for Astra satellite operator SES. The figures refer to the households’ main TV reception device, usually the large TV screen in the living room.

DTH satellite remains the most popular TV reception method in Austria: 2.05 million households have a dish (2013: 2.00 million). The number of cable customers decreased from 1.25 million to 1.17 million and DTT dropped from 0.18 million to 0.14 million households. The number IPTV households rose from 0.16 million to 0.19 million.

In total, Austria had 3.56 million TV households at the end of 2014.