Rostelecom is to undertake a large-scale modernisation of its Interactive TV platform, launched only three years ago.

According to Comnews, the process is likely to cost R344 million (Ä6.4 million).

It adds that the telco has already announced two tenders, the first being for the supply of equipment by Huawei, Juniper, Intel and Cisco.

The modernisation is linked to the strong growth of Interactive TVís subscriber base.

Although Rostelecom has not provided a figure for its size, it is believed to have increased by 24% in 2014 to 2.7 million.

Rostelecom is the leading player in Russiaís IPTV sector, which though smaller than cable and DTH is growing much faster, even despite the current economic crisis.

The total number of IPTV subscribers in the country is expected to reach 5 million this year.