AOL launches ONE for multiscreen programmatic ads

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 15 April 2015

AOL has launched ONE by AOL, an open, unified programmatic platform for multiscreen campaigns.

In conjunction with the launch, AOL will consolidate most of its programmatic brands to align with the ONE platform.

"AOL's mission has at its heart the 'simplification' of the digital space by unleashing the world's best builders of culture and code, and today's launch of ONE furthers that mission significantly," said Tim Armstrong, chairman and CEO, AOL.

The full ONE by AOL online video programmatic platform is available in North America, with certain modules (eg ONE by AOL: Display, ONE by AOL: Video) available in regions around the globe.

ONE integrates in one place all buying channels, audience management platforms and multi-touch attribution (MTA) and connects data throughout the process. It also has integration with online and offline buying tools, and any of its platform components can be combined with those of third parties, enabling brands to customize their own programmatic platforms while maintaining control of their own data.

"Our marketing strategy is predicated on resonating with the everyday challenges our customers face; being able to plan, reach, engage with and measure audiences across the myriad of channels and screens our customers live on is key," said Cathleen Ryan, director of marketing at Intuit. "AOL has been a strong technology partner over the years, and we look forward to further leveraging ONE to help drive elevated brand awareness, consideration and usage of our products and services."

Elizabeth Bridenstine, VP account director at Havas Media, said: "The ability to truly uncover and map the consumer journey across multiple screens, in a single unified view in a simplified way, will allow marketers the ability to deliver relevant and personalised messages at the right place and time, in a more meaningful way. This opportunity by ONE by AOL enables us to adapt and refine our marketing to help build the brand over time and drive sales overnight."