DISH adds Netflix to Joey, Vevo to Hopper

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 15 April 2015

DISH Network has added Netflix to its Joey clients for second, third and fourth-room viewing, and Vevo to the Hopper DVR platform.

The Netflix app debuted on the second-generation Hopper DVR in December 2014.

"We've received a great amount of positive feedback from our customers since the launch of Netflix on Hopper," said Vivek Khemka, DISH senior vice president of product management. "Consumers love Netflix, so today, we've taken this integration one step further, offering instant and affordable Netflix access throughout the entire household on one easy-to-use platform."

Meanwhile, DISH is to be the first US pay-TV provider to offer Vevo. This enhancement gives customers access to more than 140,000 music videos directly from their TV.

"While music videos were once a driving force in TV entertainment, we've seen a shift in programming that drove this content online to sites like Vevo, where it continued to draw high viewership," said Khemka. "Together with Vevo, we are making it easier for Hopper customers to be able to view music videos on their TV screens this time with even more choice and control over how viewers discover and enjoy the videos they want to see."

The app will additionally rollout to DISH's first-generation Hopper, as well as to all Joey clients later this year.