Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews, has appointed Dorota Smaggia as Chief Product Officer with the task of developing product strategy, a role she will carry out as a member of the Executive Board.

For 25 years, Dorota has specialised in launching innovative activities: from television and themed music channels, to digital platforms and media, open source, and recently social video advertising. She has acquired a very strong, international understanding of the markets for digital content, especially those in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Michael Peters, CEO of Euronews, said: “I am delighted to welcome Dorota Smaggia, whose career has focused on the exploration of new sectors. Her aspiration to keep ahead of the trends in the distribution of content and services, through traditional channels and new media everywhere in the world, is a great asset for developing the product strategy of Euronews”.

“Euronews is a media outlet that is reinventing itself as a news hub, focusing on the user experience,” said Dorota Smaggia. “Today’s audiences need to be part of the conversation: some listen, some talk, and others want to express their opinions and feelings. The strength of Euronews is its extremely factual positioning, which guarantees objectivity, based on the independence and diversity of the channel,” she added.

“The opportunity is stimulating, and everything is in place: the know-how of Euronews, the talent of its journalists and staff and the volume of multilingual production, combined with technology, enable us to anticipate the news reflexes of an era that demands precision and real-time availability.” she said.