Simulmedia expands business outcomes guarantee for TV advertising

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 17 April 2015

Simulmedia has expanded its guarantee of better business outcomes using its TV advertising campaign, but also against all digital ads as well.

The terms are similar to the initial programme. For $1 million placed on its Audience Network for a month, Simulmedia will guarantee a higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) against any advertiser's designated target business outcome as compared to their concurrent TV advertising and digital base campaigns.

"Based on positive feedback to our initial guarantee, and acknowledging that advertisers increasingly want to measure ROAS not just in silos, but cross screens, Simulmedia will guarantee that its targeted TV campaigns will meet or beat the rest of the TV media that advertisers are running," said CEO Dave Morgan. "We will also guarantee that we will meet or beat the provable ROI of all concurrent digital video and digital display media that the advertiser is running as part of the same campaign."

The expanded programme will provide traditional media output metrics but also directly measure the impact of the TV and digital ad exposures vs. audience targeting on marketers' most important business outcomes. This will enable advertisers to compare ad effectiveness between Simulmedia's target audience approach and their concurrent base ad schedule. The guarantee will correspond to the ROAS benchmark currently used today, or another agreed-to business outcome. If Simulmedia falls short on ROAS, it will make good on the percent of the benchmark that underperformed in the form of future media credits.

"We are going to change the media conversation to business outcomes by showing that TV audience targeting can and will impact sales and revenue better than traditionally targeted TV or online or mobile advertising," added Morgan. "We will guarantee to outperform against any business outcome advertisers choose, from direct matching of TV ad impressions against a universe of credit card and debit transactions by over 60 million US households to directly matching TV or digital ad impression viewing data to an advertiser's first-party customer data (eg customer transaction records, CRM, loyalty card, web/mobile data) using privacy compliant best practices."