FightMe 2.0 comes out of beta for social video

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 17 April 2015

FightMe 2.0 has launched, a video challenge app aimed at using social media to spread user-generated content.

The smartphone app gives users about 30 seconds to create a video about whatever they want, then start their own video challenge or join in with an existing one. Social integration with Facebook and Twitter allows users to share and nominate others into any FightMe video challenge on the platform.

Through a nomination feature, users are also prompted to take their challenge to their wider network of friends and followers. Nominations can be made via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook or within FightMe directly.

The company said that it attracted thousands of participants during its beta trial, with more than 400 challenges currently live.

"FightMe focuses on 'real' social interaction online," said Jamie Lorenz, chairman and founder of FightMe. "Many of us have talents or activities we would like to share or try, and simply showcasing these on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook has little purpose and can be quite intimidating. FightMe creates a friendly environment based on its 'joining in' mechanic, giving purpose and context to each video. Strength comes in numbers and the support of others participating in a challenge gives freedom of expression away from judgement."