Ooyala adds content syndication to Amazon Fire TV

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 17 April 2015

Ooyala has added the ability to syndicate video to the popular Amazon Fire TV line of devices.

Ooyala used Amazon's HTML5-based Web App Starter Kit for Fire TV to create a Fire TV app, which groups any number of live or on-demand assets into desired categories, such as movies, sports or documentaries, for the viewer.

The PGA Tour is among the first to syndicate to Fire TV via Ooyala's video platform.

"PGA Tour fans are staying connected with our content everywhere, across every kind of device," said Scott Gutterman, vice president of digital operations for PGA Tour. "As we see more of our viewers looking for video online, making that content easily available is increasingly important. This combination of tools from Amazon and Ooyala results in a very simple and elegant solution for both PGA Tour and for our viewers we were able to quickly deploy a rich TV experience that is rewarding for our audience and easy on our developers."