MiCasa, SimplyME team for content for Hispanic millennials

DetailsGabriel Miramar-Garcia | 17 April 2015

MiCasa Network, which targets the Hispanic Millennial community with multiplatform content, has announced a distribution and advertising sales joint venture with SimplyME Distribution.

MiCasa will distribute SimplyME's content, including Hispanic star driven content, which reaches over 60 million viewers via over the air (OTA) and digitally via IPTV channels and mobile video apps for iPhone and Android platforms. SimplyME will in turn distribute MiCasa branded content across its network, throughout major cable and satellite companies.

"Joining forces with SimplyME greatly expands our reach and increases the programming offered to our viewers across all platforms," said Sean Malatesta, CEO of MiCasa parent company MCBN. "This joint venture underscores our commitment to empowering our Hispennial audience to watch whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want -on any device."

Stephen Brisker, president of broadcast for SimplyME, added, "This will be viewed as perhaps one of the most significant partnerships in media and advertising history. For our multi-cultural companies to come together and offer a world vision for advertisers wanting a single destination to reach hundreds of millions of prime consumers is unprecedented."