The Moscow-based cable operator Akado Telekom will in the near future enter Russia’s OTT market with a full interactive digital TV platform.

Quoted by Comnews, the company’s spokesperson Irina Romannikova added that creating such a professional OTT product would strengthen Akado’s position in the operator market, increasing the loyalty of existing customers and at the same time adding new ones.

While refusing to provide any details about the investment Akado would make in the new platform, Romannikova said that it would obtain content for it from multiple sources.

It has already established its owns extensive library through operating a pay-per-view service continuously broadcasting on 13 film channels.

Akado is also considering offers of CDN solutions from a number of companies including Cisco, Huawei and Broadpeak.

The operator currently accounts for 19% of the pay-TV market in Moscow, while nationally its share stands at only 3%.

The OTT market is highly competitive in Russia, with over 20 legal services operating as of 2014.

However, only six had a market share of over 5%, with (28%), Okko (22%) and Tvigle and Megogo (9% each) the main players.