Global 4K display market to be worth $52BN by 2020

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 21 April 2015

As 4KTV-like displays become adopted in smartphones and OLED displays, the entire 4K display market will rocket from a 2104 value of $9.2 billion to $52 billion by 2020, says analyst IHS.

4K displyaThe latest Quarterly Worldwide FPD Shipment and Forecast Report found that in 2014, the LCD TV market contributed $8.8 billion to all 4K revenues. As 4K displays come to all major applications in 2015, 4K revenues will likely be boosted 94% year-on-year, to reach $18 billion.

"Since its market introduction in 2013, TV brands have recognised that 4K is a great way to enhance value, so they have strongly promoted 4K models," said David Hsieh, senior director of display research for IHS. "4K content and broadcasting availability is also on the rise, which is helping more TV buyers recognise the value of this feature. Meanwhile, LCD TV panel makers have continuously improved 4K panel yield, which has reduced costs and facilitated even more consumer adoption."

In 2015, LCD panel makers are targeting 40 million 4K LCD TV panel shipments, 17% of all LCD TV panel shipments. The analyst also notes that in addition to TVs, consumers are starting to enjoy the benefits of ultra-high resolution content in their smartphones and other mobile devices. For example, TV everywhere is set to increase consumer desire for higher resolution screens in their mobile devices. In addition, IHS predicts that order to compete with LCD TV in the high-end segment, OLED TV makers are including 4K resolutions.