IAB: streaming video has become completely mainstream

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 21 April 2015

One in three Americans over the age of 18 owns either a smart TV or a device that streams video to their TVs, with two in five (38%) of those individuals spending at least half of their TV viewing time streaming video to their television.

That's according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), which found in a recent survey that half of connected TV owners say they are more likely to stream content than watch traditional TV because there are fewer commercials. Meanwhile, 40% said that they considered commercials on these platforms to be less intrusive than standard TV ads. In addition, they are quite satisfied with their new viewing experience, with 76% saying it is just as good or better than traditional TV. They also cite a preference for streaming since it gives them greater control (33%) and better selection/more content of interest (29%).

The report also found that people watch a range of programming at least once a month. More than three-quarters stream Netflix and YouTube video content, about half stream traditional TV shows, Amazon Prime programming and videos from portals such as AOL, Google and Yahoo. About two out of five stream videos from Hulu Plus.

Also, more than a third (35%) of connected TV owners are streaming more video to their TV than a year ago. One in four smartphone and tablet owners, and one in five computer owners say the same. Meanwhile, 19% of adults 18 and older state that they are watching less traditional TV year-over-year.

"Connected TVs and multi-screening are irrevocably altering TV viewing," said Sherrill Mane, senior vice president of research, analytics and measurement at IAB. "While consumers continue to embrace the big screen at home viewing experience, they are streaming more digital video for both original programming and for TV shows. Smartphones and other devices continue to broaden the shared TV viewing experience beyond the living room."