Univision selects WideOrbit for media management

DetailsGabriel Miramar-Garcia | 22 April 2015

Univision Communications has selected the WideOrbit media management solution to manage advertising and digital audio streaming operations across all of its properties.

Business functions formerly run on multiple tools, including inventory management, billing and invoicing, and unit placement, will be consolidated onto a single technology platform.

Univision will use the platform to manage ad operations across 17 radio and 21 television markets, two broadcast networks and nine cable networks. It will use WO Network, WideOrbit's solution for managing network ad sales and commercial operations, to manage sales and inventory at its national broadcast and cable networks; and WO Traffic, WideOrbit's sales, traffic and billing solution, at its radio and television station groups. Automated workflow between the systems captures digital delivery and performance data for consolidated invoicing and reporting within WO Traffic.

"We're honoured that the largest media company serving Hispanic America has standardised its ad operations on WideOrbit," said Eric Mathewson, founder and CEO of WideOrbit. "Univision is one of the largest media companies to take full advantage of the extensive capabilities our platform offers for multi-property, multichannel, multimedia companies with a strong digital presence. It's a powerful example of how WideOrbit is uniquely able to simultaneously support all of the distinct operational needs of national networks and local and digital broadcasters."