Nagra has introduced a new secure Google Chrome web browser plug-in for pay-TV operators.

A new product version of its MediaLive Secure player, it addresses the Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI) phase out of Google Chrome Web browsers on Windows and Mac OS PCs.

The new feature integrates the browser’s new Pepper Plug-in Application Programming Interface (PPAPI), ensuring that pay-TV operators can continue to deliver their premium video content to a wide variety of browsers and without disruption to consumers that use Google Chrome on their PC. Significantly, the latter figure was estimated at 52% of World Wide Web users as of March 2015, according to

Commenting on the development, Jean-Michel Puiatti, SVP, multiscreen product Unit for Nagra, said: “The phasing out of NPAPI for Google Chrome browsers is a significant issue for pay-TV service providers who are at risk of losing a large part of their browser-viewing subscribers if not addressed swiftly.

“As the battle for control of the Web browser market intensifies in the pay-TV space, our R&D teams have been working diligently to anticipate this issue and ensure that our customers are still able to deliver their multiscreen services to the widest range of browsers possible using our MediaLive product.”