RTVE feeds Puerto Rico's VIVE programming

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 22 April 2015

The Spanish public broadcaster RTVE has confirmed an agreement with Puerto Rico's recently launched free-to-air (FTA) channel VIVE, through which it will provide the network with Spanish productions.

The deal between RTVE and the network's owner, the Telecinco Group, includes shows such as Españoles en el Mundo, Comando Actualidad, Al Filo de lo Imposible and Un País en la Mochila; and series including Cuéntame, Isabel, The Mysteries of Laura and Gran Reserva.

All the productions will air in the original language to target Spanish-speaking viewers both in Puerto Rico and the US.

RTVE's president, José Antonio Sánchez, recently visited VIVE's new studios, meeting José Vizcarrondo, VIVE's president, and Víctor Montilla, VP, to ratify the agreement.

VIVE started broadcasting a month ago and targets the over-35 demographic with quality programming. Initially, VIVE's line-up includes many foreign productions, but the channel intends to start producing its own very soon.