HBO to shoot second season of PSI in Brazil

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 26 April 2015

HBO Latin America is about to start filming the second season of its original series for Brazil, PSI, following the production's regional success.

Produced by the subsdiary HBO Latin America Originals, PSI's second season will have 10 one-hour episodes and will be shot in 80 different locations in Sao Paulo.

PSI's first season, which is available in HBO GO and will be launch soon on HBO On Demand, followed the daily life of a psychiatrist (starring Emilio de Mello) while looking for challenges far from the the common patients. The second season will see his return to Brazil after some time in Italy to co-ordinate a NGO for victims of domestic violence.

PSI's new season will be directed by Contardo Calligaris, who also wrote the plot together with Thiago Dottori. The behind-the-cameras team will be formed by HBO LATAM's professionals such as Alex Gabasi, Tata Amaral, Rodrigo Meirelles or Max Calligaris.

Among the actors, de Mello will work together with Carlo Antonini, Claudia Ohana, Aida Leiner, Igor Armucho, Raul Barreto, Victor Mendes and Camila Leccioli.

HBO Latin America Originals has been investing in Brazil's production market since 2004 and has produced seven series which have been sold internationally, such as Mandrake and Hijos del Carnaval. It has also produced four Latin American original series which have been broadcast throughout the region