The French regulator CSA has appointed Delphine Ernotte Cunci the CEO of France Télévisions for a period of five years, effective August 22.

Cunci, who has spent her entire career at Orange asndis currently its deputy CEO, will take over the position from Rémy Pfilmlin.

Commenting on her appointment, Stéphane Richard, Chairman & CEO of Orange, said:

“I warmly congratulate Delphine for her appointment at the head of France Télévisions; a decision that clearly underlines her considerable managerial and personal qualities. This appointment is also something about which the Group’s employees can all be proud as it recognizes the excellent performance of Orange France in a particularly difficult market environment. I thank Delphine for having successfully led this mission, while building a highly-talented and dynamic management team, as well as having played an important role in restoring a healthy social climate. In particular, Delphine has consolidated the Group’s leadership position on the French market through the successful deployment of very high-speed fixed and mobile networks – fiber and 4G –, through the launch of investment programmes that are accelerating today. We wish her all the best in her new role.

“In order to ensure managerial continuity and to guarantee that the operational deployment of the new strategic plan Essentiels2020 is managed in the best possible way during this transition period, I have decided to take responsibility directly for Orange France, with support from Delphine, from April 27”.