There were 255 million requests to BBC iPlayer in March, with a weekly average of 57 million requests.

However, the BBC points out that measurement issues during the month meant that it was unable to capture a large volume of TV requests.

It estimates that around 6 million requests from TV platforms are missing.

In addition, it says that radio requests have changed as a result of updates to radio streaming services.

The total number of TV requests in March stood at 221 million, down 9% on February.

Computer requests accounted for 68 million of the total the highest figure for a year.

They were followed by tablets (59 million), mobile devices (46%), TV platform opeartors (24 million) and internet TV/connected devices (6 million).

Weekly requests peaked in the first week of the month, driven by Top Gear and The Voice battle round episode.

Top Gear performed well, with the top two episodes delivering over 3.6 million requests in total. Meanwhile, the first episode of the remake of the BBC drama Poldark earned 1.2 million requests.

Other strong performers in March were the second episode of the Comic Relief Bake Off, with over 1 million requests, and a standalone clip from Little Britain with 500,000 requests.

The BBC notes that the profile of iPlayer users has evened out over time in terms of the male/female ratio but remains strongly under 55 in terms of age.

This is in line with home broadband users but not typical of the general profile of TV viewers and radio listeners.

It also says that iPlayer is used for TV at roughly the same time of day as linear TV viewing, although there is proportionally more daytime and late-peak use.

For radio, iPlayer is used far more in daytime than traditional radio listening, which peaks at breakfast-time.