Zodiak Kids launches multi-brand YouTube channels

DetailsEditor | 28 April 2015

Content house Zodiak is targeting the growing YouTube MCN world with the launch of two major multi-brand channels Zee Kay and ZeeKay Junior geared towards the kids and pre-school audiences respectively.

ZeeKay-junior-YouTube-logoThe new Channels will also work closely with recently announced Zodiak Kids Studios and third party producers on creating original content with talent for the online video platform in order to accumulate subscriber growth and a global audience base. The Zodiak Kids catalogue has earned over 1.6 billion views on YouTube to date and provides kids content in all 256 territories. The new channels will be on the new YouTube App launching later this year and will have a variety of new content uploaded regularly in the form of long-form compilation clips, short clips, extras and bespoke content. The channels will be managed by Natalie Walmsley digital channel manager Zodiak Kids.

ZeeKay Junior comes to the market with an already established base of 100,000 subscribers from existing Zodiak Kids content on YouTube and will feature new pre-school content as well as key brands — including Mister Maker, Waybuloo, Zack & Quack — plus support or new online pilots. For its part, ZeeKay will champion popular owned kids brands such as Totally Spies, Team Galaxy, Martin Mystery and LoliRock whilst also serving as a hub for all newly commissioned (tween) content, such as CITV's Scrambled! which features bespoke YouTube formats on the platform.

"We are excited to be launching these new channels as we strengthen our production position with Zodiak Kids Studios," commented Zodiak Kids CEO Jean-Philippe Randisi. "Zodiak Kids content has been reaching kids online through various outlets for a number of years and these new channels present a fantastic family hub that we can cross promote our content within and allow children throughout the globe to view content when and where they want to."