RDK momentum gathers steam for next-gen TV

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 28 April 2015

The number of RDK licensees has grown more than 63% since last April, and now stands at more than 220 total licensees across consumer electronics manufacturers, SoC vendors, software developers, system integrators and pay-TV service providers.

RDKThe RDK was created to accelerate the deployment of next-gen video products and services. It enables TV service providers to standardise certain elements of these devices, but also to customise the applications and user experiences that ride on top. Technically, the RDK acts like a universal adaptor across customer-premises equipment from various suppliers, providing a common method to manage complex video functions such as tuning, conditional access, third-party DRM and stream management.

"The RDK provides a modern software platform on which pay-TV providers worldwide can provide new video services to customers," said Steve Heeb, president and general manager of RDK Management. "The community is starting to take advantage of the benefits of having source-code access for their STB software, and the RDK continues to gain traction around the globe."

The number of pay-TV operators that have directly licensed the RDK has grown by 60% in the last year, and now stands 25 total cable, satellite and telco providers across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

And, the RDK is now deployed in more than 5 million devices around the world, with companies including ARRIS, Cisco, Humax, Pace, Samsung and others developing RDK-based STBs that are in various stages of testing, trials, or deployment with operators globally.