ADB says it has now delivered 2 million products to the Polish satellite platform nc+.

It has been supplying set-top boxes to nc+ and its predecessor ‘n’ since October 2006, winning more than half a dozen international and Polish awards and introducing to the market new pioneering technologies.

“It is a great chance for us to work with such a demanding and successful customer as nc+. We have unparalleled time-to-market capabilities when it comes to integrating new technologies into deployable products. This is because we control the entire software stack, from the low level operating system, up to the high-end applications. Our systems and services expertise combined with our full set of software solutions provides us with powerful products. I am confident the nc+ customers will find this enhanced TV experience enjoyable”, said Peter Balchin, CEO at ADB.

One of the first technologies that ADB introduced to the Polish market was its HD PVR with innovative features such as TimeShift, VOD content loaded into the hard disc, Internet radio and portals.

500GB hard drives came as early as 2010 along with multiroom functionality. Later the capability to view content on mobile devices was introduced.