UPC Cablecom has opened up its mobile offer to the whole of Switzerland. The cablenet is offering a SIM-only mobile subscription with no minimum contract period.

Previously the product was restricted to those directly served by Cablecom, with a requirement to take another service from the operator.

Its part of a phased plan to introduce the mobile service as the company builds its quad-play offer.

Ivo Hoevel, Senior Vice President Marketing & Products, upc cablecom, said: By blurring the boundaries between the different worlds we are now offering even more power, even more entertainment and even more joy, including on the go. Our new price plans and the data volumes included clearly underline this. The company is thus building on its position as a full-service provider and at the same time offering the best value on the Swiss telecommunications market.

The mobile service has also been enjoying a high level of customer satisfaction, based around what are seen as clear price plans.