Software-defined video headed for a $10BN market

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 29 April 2015

By 2018, at least 25% (or over $10 billion) is forecast for the software defined video (SDV) market for service providers, research from Gartner has revealed.

The move to build in SDV to online video delivery within mature markets will be a big driver for this.

"Software-defined video provides a new way to engage customers using innovative services," said Akshay Sharma, Gartner research director. "Gartner's nexus and other new competencies are required by CSPs to stay ahead of rivals, and for survival in the fiercely competitive telco market. Newer technologies and processes will enable the convergence and mutual reinforcement of IT and network trends."

Gartner said in its report that "to escape the commoditisation of traditional services, communications service providers (CSP) and cable multiple services operators are exploring cloud-based solutions ... these offer customers a better video experience and reduce capital expenditure on newer roaming and time-shifting multiscreen services."

The CSP forecast confirms the end of the traditional hardware-based video processing era, according to some.

"Gartner is known to identify disruptive technologies that media enterprises need to confidently launch new services and successfully engage with the consumer viewing trends that are transforming the video industry as we've known it," added Sam Blackman, CEO and co-founder of Elemental Technologies. "With the inherent advantage enabled by Elemental, more than 600 video enterprises have deployed our software-defined video solutions. We've become a critical element of video infrastructures for leaders like Comcast, Sky, Telefόnica and Telstra."