Televes takes on Fed4FIRE for mobile headend

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 29 April 2015

Spain's Televes has taken part in the Fed4FIRE programme through which it has the opportunity to use one of the biggest platforms in Europe for Internet experimentation and has sought to optimise the remote control management software of its TV headend solutions for mobile devices.

The programme is funded by the European Union and aims to create a software platform that provides simple tools and easy access to different types of infrastructure for testing products based on the Internet of the future. Televes' participation in the project has enabled it to research a new management system and remote control for the T.0X TV headends. The new system will allow users to remotely control any TV headend from anywhere in the world using mobile devices.

One part of Televes' core business is to offer equipment for TV distribution to-the-home, adapting any signal received via DTT, satellite or cable, to the users' network within a building or a group of buildings.

Televes, which currently operates in over 90 countries, aims to create a new TV headend management system in which all services are available using a central server, which all headends are connected to. This server acts as security, communications and interfaces manager. When a user needs to control a headend, they establish a connection to the server which makes the link between the TV headend and the user.

The tests carried out within the Fed4FIRE project simulate a real scenario and perform stress testing to the system with the highest possible number of users and headends, aiming to optimise existing services and research system capacity for future challenges.