Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela on US piracy blacklist

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 01 May 2015

The US Government has for the first time included Ecuador in its piracy blacklist for those countries where intellectual property is violated the most, joining Argentina, Chile and Venezuela.

According to EFE news bureau, the list includes many other Latin American countries including Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay and Peru which are included in the blacklist's second category.

Although piracy is very high in Latin America, making the industry miss out on up to 25% of potential revenue according to some reports, the difference between being in the list's second category or in the so-called blacklist is mostly legal, depending on whether the country provides a regulation framework to fight piracy or not.

"The lack of procedures and fining process in Ecuador invites organised piracy groups to see the country as a refuge," the US Government report cited, saying this was the main reason to include Ecuador in the blacklist.

According to the report, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela continue to have serious deficiencies in their regulations to protect copyright, a situation which has become worse due to the increasing piracy activities over the Internet.

The US Government is therefore lobbying the four country's governments to change their regulations and increase audiovisual content protection.

The other countries on the blacklist are China, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Algeria, Kuwait, Russia and Ukraine.