Video drives Internet encryption

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 02 May 2015

Netflix’s recent decision to encrypt its traffic will result in over two-thirds of North American Internet traffic being encrypted in 2016.

According to statistics from SandvineSandvine, video is driving an uptick in encrypted Internet traffic. It found that YouTube is the largest source of encrypted traffic in North America, and still a significant contributor of unencrypted traffic.

Google Play traffic is encrypted, preventing the ability for third parties to identify the apps, movies and music being consumed by subscribers. But, Apple’s iTunes traffic remains unencrypted.

“The decision by leading applications to encrypt their traffic is great for subscribers because it ensures the content of their Internet traffic remains private,” said Don Bowman, CTO at Sandvine. “The policy solutions that Sandvine focuses on have never required identification of content, just applications or application categories. Even with the majority of Internet traffic becoming encrypted, Sandvine will still be able to provide highly accurate identification of encrypted applications so that operators can continue to offer innovative application service plans to their subscribers.”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s ‘Let’s Encrypt’ programme, due to launch in mid-2015, will help drive encryption adoption among smaller sites, Sandvine added.