Jaguars implement Virtual 1st for enhanced football broadcasts

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 02 May 2015

The Jacksonville Jaguars have installed the first-ever stadium Jumbotron deployment of Virtual 1st, ChyronHego's broadcast graphics solution designed specifically for American football.

Virtual 1st provides animated virtual first-down and graphics to enhance the real-time action displayed on the Jaguars' video scoreboards, the largest of their kind in the world.

Virtual 1st combines video overlay and sensorless camera technology to help presenters analyse game-play. Broadcasters are able to insert virtual lines of scrimmage, first-down lines, and animated graphics to highlight down and distance, with the ability to customise the graphics to match the network's on-air style.

The ChyronHego deployment is part of the Jaguars' massive 2014 renovation project for its home stadium, EverBank Field.

"We're all about fan engagement. That means putting on big-screen shows that will give our fans an unforgettable experience once they're inside the stadium. With Virtual 1st, we're really giving them something to cheer about," said Sam Thompson, control room engineer and game-day director at the Jacksonville Jaguars. "ChyronHego bent over backwards, including flying expert engineers in from the UK, to build a Daktronics interface that would meet our requirements - and Virtual 1st has worked flawlessly since then."